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30 Random facts about me

I’ve been here for a while and still haven’t written down any post yet .. BUT ..  I felt like you should know something about me first (who would want to read an article from anyone you know nothing about, right?). Sooo I thought it could be a good idea to put down some random facts about me (I know .. old, but effective!).

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Before we start, this up here is me in lovely Brighton & Hove.

Now let’s get started !

  1. I was born with blonde hair but it got darker eventually. It still has blondish tints to it in the sun but that wasn’t enough for me and that is why I decided to get highlights back then.
  2. I’ve been in a long distance relationship with this amazing guy from Germany for almost two years now. I can’t move there just yet but I will soon for sure!
  3. I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and management. I’m going to try to get master’s in the next one and a half year and that’s the reason why I have to stay in the Czech republic a little longer.
  4. I love winter time –  snuggling up when it’s snowing outside, snow itself, CHRISTMAS TIME (oh my god how much I love Christmas shopping and DIYs .. ), spending some time with family, watching fairy tales. Winter is a very special and magical time of the year for me generally.
  5. Talking about winter .. I’ve been skiing since I was 4 or maybe 5 years old (I don’t really remember). Two years ago I had an accident and injured my left knee and since then I’ve got problems with it so .. it sucks but I’ll be back one day to face my fears!
  6. I like to walk in the rain and listen to thunderstorms. I think it’s somehow very calming and again, magical, romantic.
  7. Don’t get me wrong, I like summer as well because that is when I can do my all time favourite sports – swimming and diving! I just love the feeling of freedom when I’m beneath the surface.
  8. I love yoga.
  9. When I was younger, my favourite colour was blue but now when I think about it I don’t really have one at this moment.
  10. I believe in ghosts and all the supernatural, aliens included.
  11. Like every other girl these days, I am obsessed with PUGS as long as I can remember. But I have to wait 1,5 more year to get one (counting down the days!).
  12. I can’t forget to mention my awesome little love Cindy – the Yorkshire terrier. She always brings light into my life when I need it. Also I looove giving her kisses on her little nose.Processed with Rookie Cam

    Isn’t she sweet?

  13. Travelling is a huge part of my life. I’ve been travelling by myself since I was 16 years old. To have an opportunity to visit some new places is worth every penny.
  14. I HATE trains .. I’m actually scared of them .. (what if I couldn’t open the damn door??).
  15. I love Italian food, especially pasta. What I don’t really enjoy is Indian food .. I can’t stand the smell of it.
  16. Sweet or salty? Salty for sure .. I mean .. I like chocolate but .. I’m more “salty” person.
  17. I dislike mushroom so much .. eww. Just the smell of them makes me wanna throw up.
  18. But my absolute favourite is watermelon!
  19. If I had to choose between soft drinks, I would always go for San Pellegrino – Aranciata.Processed with Rookie Cam

    There it is!

  20. Fiji water is the best one I’ve ever had (oh yes, there is a difference).
  21. I don’t smoke and I barely touch alcohol.
  22. I never use my whole feet when I’m going upstairs.
  23. My right foot is longer than the other one.
  24. I don’t like to talk to people in the morning. It is just too early for that.
  25. When I was younger I used to be very inventive. Imagine me .. 10 years old, playing with a hammer, nails, strings, ropes, fire .. just ANYTHING.
  26. I have a little scar right beneath my left brow. I probably thought it was a good idea to run through the glass door.
  27. I have a crush on Winnie the Pooh. So nice, so kind.
  28. I was in love with Peter pan when I was a child (and I believe I wasn’t the only one).
  29. I looooove HORROR movies .. just ask my boyfriend, he hates me for that, I’m sure.
  30. When I like a song I usually play it on repeat all day, week, month .. until I hate it so much I have to delete it.

We made it! Hope you liked it and I’d be happy to know you better as well.



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