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Colourful Mauritius

Me and Marc (my boyfriend) had been deciding where to go for our next vacation for DAYS! But finally Marc came up with Mauritius and I agreed. To be honest .. I wasn’t really excited about it in the beginning (I don’t even know why, I just guess Mauritius has never been on my “wish list”) but then after browsing the internet and Instagram pictures, I quickly changed my mind.

We landed on early Monday morning to sleepy Port Louis airport. The weather wasn’t very good. It was windy, the ground was wet, people were .. It looked like a nightmare to us and it didn’t get any better during the day.


We stayed at the Le Palmiste Resort & SPA in Trou aux Biches, which we found online. I would say it is an average hotel to stay there. Mauritius is pretty expensive destination to visit so if one doesn’t want to spend too much money on luxury accommodation, this is it. I have to say ..  It was worse than we expected it to be. Our room was very nice and huge. But unfortunately that is probably all positive I can say about this “resort”.

Anyway .. We tried to enjoy our stay as much as we could outside of the hotel. We did some shopping, sea activities, we visited some amazing places on the island and of course  we were SUNBATHING all the time (and yes, we got sunburned .. it did hurt .. a lot). Most of the beaches in Mauritius are white sand with some coral pieces in it and that is what makes this island looking like a paradise I guess.

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamMy daily obsession! So yummy.

Processed with Rookie CamIMG_3990.JPGReading my favourite book: Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children (excited for Tim Burton’s movie as well!).

Processed with Rookie Camimg_4043The coconut water was refreshing but the “meat” was just delicious.

As I mentioned, we did some activities. Let me tell you something about one particular trip. We booked a speedboat tour which included swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in a lagoon and visiting a small island.

As soon as we arrived to place where dolphins are usually spotted, we jumped into the Indian ocean with diving goggles and snorkel on, ready to chase the wild dolphins. C-H-A-S-E them .. that is what we were told to do .. how silly is that? Well of course we saw none of them beneath the surface. Shame. Soon after that we stopped near the coral reefs and dived into the turquoise water to see some colourful beauties.

IMG_5001.JPGDCIM100GOPROHaHa .. we’re looking like a weirdos.

Marc and I totally loved the next and also the last stop of this speedboat tour. UNINHABITED ISLAND. I’ve never seen any other place like this before .. it was so beautiful, all the colours and green trees, palm trees, white sand, crystal clear water .. we were surrounded by this amazing nature just everywhere. We had a BBQ there and right after that headed back to the hotel. What a lovely day it was.

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamRomantic Sunset over the Indian ocean.

We did some land activities as well in the southern part of Mauritius, because it’s said that it has kept most of its wild beauty and charm. I would say my favourite stop was by the sacred lake of Grand-Bassin, a significant place of worship for Hindus in Mauritius.

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

I totally recommend you to visit the coloured earths of Chamarel where you can see sand dunes comprising sand of seven district colours, plus they keep a little turtle Zoo (they are really cute). The Chamarel waterfalls are worth it as well, they are 100m high!

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam
This vacation was pretty adventurous for us, but it is the way we prefer it I guess. I’m not sure if I would want to visit Mauritius again in the future but I’m happy we could have seen all the amazing untouched places and nature.

Travel often, Petra.


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