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I’ve got something special for you today. Just a few months ago when Marc and I were in Brighton, I entered Lush located in the Lanes. I have visited Lush before but never bought anything. So this time I was determined to buy something finally. I picked up just a few things in there and right after I returned to Berlin, I had to visit this shop full of goodies again … and then again .. in Prague .. and then? I ordered delivery from their e-shop.

I wanted to share what I’ve bought with you and give a few tips and pointers.

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First Lush experience (Brighton, Berlin & Prague delivery).

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First I’m going to talk about products for lips.

I had to try the famous Bubblegum lip scrub and I gotta say .. I LOVE IT! It just smells so good and it’s perfect for my always dry lips. Scrub leaves your lips super smooth and tastes like a candy. It is basically made of caster sugar and jojoba oil. I would totally recommend you this one. Rose lollipop lip balm feels light and nice on the lips. I use it every single morning before going out and also before I’m going to sleep, it is very moisturizing. The balm is thicker than I expected it to be though but never mind.

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Now lets move on to facial products.

I have a problematic skin, mostly oily .. so sure I had to try the Coalface soap and after using it for a month now I can’t really say if it works that well .. It absorbs the facial oil, yes, but I don’t think that it solved my skin problems. I mean I knew it wouldn’t completely but after I read the reviews I simply expected more from this soap .. and I even noticed that my skin got a little worse than before. I’m not saying it can’t help you for example but I was kind of disappointed. Another product I’ve tried is Grease Lighting which is a spot treatment basically and again .. I’m not sure if it’s that good. My skin got a lot worse in the past month, probably because of the stress I had / still have daily, that is why I’ve bought coalface and this gel, but anyway .. I was using it directly onto blemishes after using the coalface and I let it be over the night, but I haven’t seen any differences from before and after at all and the skin maybe got even worse.

Bath bombs are coming!

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The Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic is super nice, the bath is very calming, the scent is lovely, when it is dropped into the water it turns the water baby pink and the little rose in the center stays solid and floats around the bath. It leaves your skin pretty moisturised.

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The Lava Lamp bomb really gives off the effect like a lava lamp, it has a nice citrus scent (which I absolutely loved!).  When you are in the bath it’s so relaxing and the oils make your skin nice and soft but when you come out of the bath your skin is a bit purple and oily so you have to wash yourself again with a shower gel or something. The purple oil also stained the bath but it wasn’t a problem to wash it away with water. I wouldn’t probably buy this bomb again but I have to say that its scent is one of the nicest I’ve ever smelt from LUSH.

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The Dragon’s egg bath bomb begins subtle, then is only really bobbing about and fizzing. However as soon as the bomb has fizzed to its centre, it begins to change the water to an orange colour. The water is filled with gold glitter (as you can see above, 2nd photo) and colourful bits of confetti in the end. This bomb has also nice, lemon scent which lasts for hours in a bathroom. Leaves your skin very soft.

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This is the most favourite bath bomb of mine. The universe was always a mystery to me so I was happy to find out about this little galaxy hidden inside of a small bath bomb. It is called Intergalactic.

As soon as it touches the water it slowly clouds the bath into a gorgeous deep blue with shimmering gold glitter (picture above) and rich pink & yellow colour. It looks just stunning! The scent is minty and refreshing. The peppermint oil in the bomb is great for people who have sore muscles and need to relax them. I would highly recommend this bomb to everyone. Enjoy your little galaxy.

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This is a bubble bar called Karma. It has a typical “Karma” scent (patchouli and lemongrass). Not everyone like it but I love it. You can split your karma into three or more pieces, so it lasts longer. Karma makes a lot of bubbles and turns the water into nice purple. It also leaves your skin soft and moisturised.

I wanted to write this blog post sooner but then I received a package from my boyfriend with some Lush products so I wanted to involve them in.

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He sent me a Tisty Tosty heart shaped bath bomb studded with real rosebuds. I haven’t used it yet but it smells really nice so I’m looking forward to it. The next thing I got was Melting Marshmallow Moment which is a bath oil. It smelt so amazing, a lot like a Snow Fairy but unfortunately I did not feel that it really did anything special to my skin since Lush calls it “LUXURY bath oils” it is a shame.

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The final thing I got was a tester of Bubbly shower gel. The consistency was pretty thick but I liked it. It smelt a lot like an orange and so did my skin for hours after I used it.

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Me and Marc were in Prague last week and I didn’t resist to buy something from the Halloween edition. I immediately fell in love with the Monsters ball, so I bought it and used it last night. Oh – My – God ! I wanted to eat it. Its scent is so amazing and all those colours are just fabulous. Just look at it.

We made it! It has been a long one this time but I hope it helped and you are going to order some from their website as well. Have a great rest of the day. Christmas edition haul of Lush is coming soon.

Relax, Petra.




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    1. Thank you :). I wanted to buy the sugar plum fairy as well 😍 .. anyway, I will check your blog for sure :), I have the Northern lights bath bomb at home as well, I’m going to write a post about a few christmas stuff, including this bomb soon 🙂

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