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January Makeup Haul.

I’ve been in a shopping mood lately so I went on a small shopping spree in Berlin last week. Here’s what I got.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

I’ve never tried any of those Benefit products before so I thought it’d be perfect time to finally spend some money on them.

I bought Ka-brow in shade number 2 and classic High Brow. I’ve got to admit that it hasn’t been my intention to buy this highlight pencil but the Benefit girls were just very persuasive :).

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Ka-Brow contains a little pot with cream gel in, it’s just the right constancy, not too dry, not too wet. The angled brush helps to outline your brows before filling them in, I find it pretty easy to use but I still need to learn the best way how to do it properly. Anyway .. I would totally recommend this product to everyone, I know it is a little pricey but a little product goes a long way so I definitely see this lasting a long time.

High Brow is a beautiful luminous brow highlighting pencil that should be applied on a brow bone. It gives a matte finish to the look.

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Another products I’ve bought recently are the “old” classic Chocolate Bar palette and Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

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Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

These are the swatches for the eyeshadows: beginning with the Gilded Ganache shade, ending with the Champagne Truffle one.

I have always wanted to buy this Too Faced product .. although it is probably the most hyped eye shadow palette, I think it is really worth the money. The packaging is probably the most adorable I’ve ever seen – chocolate bar indeed. It smells just like the cocoa which makes the palette so unique (made of 100% cocoa powder). I personally love natural shades so this palette is almost perfect for me. I already know now that I probably won’t ever use the Gilded Ganache, Triple Fudge and Candied Violet shade.

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There is nothing much I can say here. I think everybody knows Kylie’s Lip Kits. In case you haven’t heard of them yet, it is basically a liquid lipstick packed together with a matching lip liner in this beautiful little box.

I wasn’t sure which shade I wanted to buy .. Koko K or Candy K? But I ordered Candy K in the end. I tried it off first without applying any lip balm, and the lip liner wasn’t as smooth as I thought it would be. So I definitely recommend using lip balm before using the lip liner. The lipstick smelled like a vanilla and that is not my favourite scent at all but I’m sure someone else would love it. I was very happy with formula but it did dried out my lips. They looked all cracked up so personally .. I don’t understand the hype really .. I’m not saying it is not a good lipstick, it lasts for a really long time on the lips but it just doesn’t look that well after some (quite short) time – it started to come off where my lips met pretty quickly. So for me it is a pretty lipstick but it’s not worth the money. You can buy many others much cheaper with the same result (NYX lingerie for example). Swatch is going to be shown later. 🙂

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Now it’s time for the last products I’ve bought .. and also the cheapest ones. First, there is this Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – oh my! I love it so so so much! I’ve heard of this mascara before but I didn’t want to “leave” my favourite L’Oreál Paris Lash Architect 4D (really amazing one as well, but more expensive). This mascara does just everything .. it lengthens, volumizes, keeps the curl all day and it doesn’t smudge under the eyes at all.

I’ve wanted to try a contouring stick for a while now but didn’t want to spend a lot of money so together with the mascara I picked up the Maybelline FaceStudio Master Contour & Highlight V-Shape Duo Stick. I chose the medium shade which worked pretty well with my skin tone, although the lighter shade would be maybe even better. Anyway, the only flaw I’ve found with it so far is that sometimes the highlighter and contour join together while you’re applying it, but it won’t really matter once you blend it.

When in Berlin I visited local Primark and I found out that Primark has released a new PS PRO Beauty range in stores. I always had low expectations for a Primark cosmetic products because I like quality and let’s be honest .. their quality is not the best. So I have never tried any of the PS products before .. But I thought I’d give this new PS PRO a try (btw, these new PRO products are more expensive than usual). I picked up the PS PRO Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick. I was pleasantly surprised I’ve got to say .. it smells exactly the same as the Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick and it has very similar formula, plus the price was only 4€!

Processed with Rookie Cam

Primark PS PRO on the left, Kylie Jenner on the right.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Beneath the Benefit brow products swatches there is the Contour Stick, Kylie Jenner lip liner and lipstick and the last swatch is the PS PRO lipstick.

Well I hope you’ve found this post helpful and I would love to hear what makeup products you like the most and also I’m curious .. have you ever tried any of these?

Have a great evening everyone.




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